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From Doubt to Inspiration: The Page of Wands in Eclipse Season

There’s a good reason that many institutions take a week off around this time for spring break. We’ve put a lot of energy into the year already, but we’re just at the beginning of our growth cycle. If you’ve felt the need to recharge, you’re not alone.

The burst of energy we saw in early spring is settling, so that we may sustain what’s now been launched. You don’t need to hold any belief in the Zodiac or the Moon’s cycles to feel this pull to slow down. Perhaps that’s why learning about the Zodiac and the Moon can bolster confidence in your inner wisdom…

On Friday April 20th we will shift from the cardinal fire sign of Aries and The Emperor card, into the fixed earth sign of Taurus and The Hierophant.

As the initiator of the Zodiac, Aries wants to make bold, creative, and energy-intensive moves. As we move into Taurus, we’re inclined to stabilize our ambitions with comfort and security.

We entered Aries season with a New Moon in Aries on March 21st, and we’ll end it after a second New Moon on April 19th. This second New Aries Moon will will be coupled with a hybrid solar eclipse.

Eclipses are fairly common. Whenever we have a solar eclipse, it always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse, hence “eclipse season”. This upcoming eclipse season will close with a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 5th.

There’s no shortage of superstition and fear around eclipse season, but you won’t hear anything ominous from me on the subject.

Instead, I want to use this eclipse season to talk about one of the most inspired and optimistic cards, the Page of Wands.

Since Aries and The Wands are ruled by fire, and Taurus and the Pages are ruled by earth, the Page of Wands is an ideal guide for both this Zodiac shift, and this eclipse season.

When I say there’s no shortage of fear and superstition around eclipses, I really mean it. Some folks in the ‘woo’ community get super heated on this topic. There’s a lot of rhetoric that eclipses bring forth inevitable discomfort, and I just don’t think that is true.

In my experience, eclipse energy is often very gentle. While there have been a few eclipse seasons that I felt very profoundly and uncomfortably, I don’t see any benefit in flinching before they occur.

Like everything, the energy of an eclipse season happens both upon us and for us.

Lindsay Mack describes the energetic work of an eclipse season like getting a hair cut. While you may have some idea of what you want a gifted and talented stylist to achieve, you are trusting the actual cutting, into their capable hands.

Instead of fearing what you might loose, imagine how you might enjoy your self-image after a great trim.

The New Moon and the Page of Wands

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” -Honore de Balzac

At the first New Moon of this Aries season, I called upon the Ace of Wands to help ignite our inner-fire. Like a magic wand, the Ace of Wands was used to call in a bold vision and gain support from Aries’ Major Arcana card, The Emperor.

When we create a bold visions for ourselves, inevitably we’re going to encounter obstacles. It’s normal to feel exhausted after working hard towards a goal. That’s what we see in the Ten of Wands.

When we arrive at the Page of Wands, we’ve initiated a dream that we are passionate about, worked to build that dream, then asked for help in the Ten so that we can evolve with renewed passion.

Let’s say, for example, that the bold vision you called forth in the Ace of Wands was to buy a home in five years. Now you’ve set aside a savings account, crated a budget, and you’re working on your credit score; however, you instead of getting a tax return this year you owe money, there’s an unexpected car repair needed, and you’ve received three wedding invitations that you want to attend.

This is the moment when most of us look down at our hands in despair and think, I’ll never have enough money for a down payment, mortgage rates are too high, and there’s just no way I’m ever going to be able to buy a house.

Just as the critic is ready to swoop in and rob our passions with doubt, we can instead invite the Page of Wands for guidance.

From Ace through Ten, the figures of the Smith Rider Waite have used the wand as a tool to build, defend, and protect. It’s not until we reach the Page of Wands, that our figure finally looks up and notices his element!

I love the expression on the Page’s face. He’s like, “Oh hey, look at that! I’ve got this great big (phallic) stick! Neat!”

Some folks say that the Pages represent children or juvenile energy, but I disagree. All the Court cards have gained mastery. Like a wise Zen master, the Pages have a great understanding and they also embody the openness of Shoshin, a beginners mind.

Returning to the example of saving for a house, the Page of Wands brings new vitality to that dream. Here is where the fun part comes in…

In order to experience this magic, I want to you to either borrow my home ownership example, or better yet, think of some dream that you would love to achieve, but that might feel far away from materializing.

Now, once you have it, look down at the ground or your lap and say, “It’s never going to happen. There’s no way that I will ever ___ (own a home/find a partner/travel to Africa)”

When we look down, our doubts feel real, practical and intractable.

Now, take your head and tilt it all the way back so that your chin is pointed to the ceiling or the sky. Keep your eyes open and say your same doubt aloud.

To experience this wisdom, you must actually, physically perform this gesture.

When you do, you’ll experience how laughable the majority of our doubts really are.

By tossing your head back and mimicking the Page of Wands, you open your heart to what is actually possible.

The Light Seer's Deck

For both this New Moon and this eclipse season, I want to invite you to continually check your doubts with this Page of Wands trick.

If during this eclipse season you find that you’re out of energy for some facet of your life, instead of resenting yourself or your situation, perhaps you can reassess. Instead of looking down to what you think should make you happy, try looking up to what’s actually enlivening you. Whatever that is, it’s possible!


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