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Tarot in Eclipse Season, the New Moon and the 'Kings' Meteor Shower

Eclipse Season

Whenever we have a solar eclipse it always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse, hence "eclipse season". The first eclipse of this season was the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November 30th and the Full Solar Eclipse will take place tomorrow, December 14th. A solar eclipse can happen only at a new moon. A lunar eclipse can happen only at a full moon. Why do these events matter? Most of us will not see the solar eclipse and many of us weren't even aware these events were taking place; however, you may have experienced some big and intense feelings. Eclipses happen upon us and for us. They are a chance for rapid clearing of emotions from the past. One of my teachers, Lindsay Mack, compares the energetic work that the eclipse season brings, to getting a haircut. While you may have some idea of what you would like a gifted and talented stylist to achieve, you are trusting the actual cutting into his or her capable hands. Eclipses can rapidly and efficiently bring forward and through uncomfortable but important shifts. What are you ready to see trimmed?

Like the actual experience of witnessing an eclipse where we see the Moon or the Sun in its entirety and then see its boundaries because of our shadow, in eclipse season the fullness of our potential is illuminated by what we could call our "shadow selves". I reluctantly use the term "shadow" because in this case, it literally stands for the eclipses, but also can stand for the feeling of being in the dark in order to see where the ego/persona brings limitations and then let those go. During this time we may notice old feelings, patterns, or behaviors arise. If we can notice and stay out of judgment or reaction of them, they can be "trimed" away for good. For example, if you are noticing yourself having feelings about "x", pay attention to the intensity of those feelings. They may lead you to realize, "I've had this story about myself" or "I have a belief that I have to play y role in my family because of x". These stories don't need to be true to bring up big feelings, very often they are not. They come up to illuminate for us where we have been deluded to before. So how can we work with this eclipse energy? How can we be at peace with and even honor discomfort?

'Kings' New Moon Ritual

The New Moon is the time for manifesting our desires and setting our intentions. A “New Year’s Resolution” is really just a wish, desire, or intention that you hope to manifest in the next year. This month’s eclipse is here to clear away barriers that would keep us from our goals and the New Moon is here to help us begin our new intentions. Because this is the final New Moon of the calendar year, this really is the best time to begin any New Year’s resolutions and close out any soul work you are ready to leave behind in 2020.

The Geminids "King" Meteor Shower will be on the night of the 13th and the mornings of the 14th and 15th. I myself plan to get up early and try to catch, what has been said by many to be, "the best shower in the heavens." There will be up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by debris left behind by an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon. It will radiate from the constellation Gemini (The Lovers card) but can appear anywhere in the sky. Whether you do or do not watch the meteor shower, take some time before tomorrow’s eclipse, which begins at 6:32 AM PST and end at 9:54 AM, to meditate on the energies of the Kings in the Tarot. If you have a deck, pull out all four of your Kings. If, not, no worries, just know that the Kings are the wise masters who lead from a foundation of wholeness. In Tarot, the court cards each have a double element. Kings are ruled by fire. The King of Cups' energy is fire on water. He is a great healer who can hold space for both others and himself.

The King of Swords' energy is fire on air. He is a master communicator who can share deep and transformative truths.

The King of Wands' energy is fire on fire. He is a creative and passionate innovator whose great ideas come from thinking creatively and differently than others.

The King of Pentacles' energy is fire on earth. He is a master of authenticity, grounding, and abundance.

We all possess each of these qualities. Is there one kind of leadership you are more comfortable with? Are you feeling disconnected from any of these energies at this time? Perhaps if you are normally a great caretaker you identify with the King of Cups, but at this time you yourself are feeling drained and need some caretaking of your own. Perhaps you are a King of Wands trailblazer but have recently experience the solitude that goes along with being a radical innovator. If you relate to the King of Sword, perhaps you are ready to call out what is so clearly the truth of the matter in your relationships, but others aren't ready to listen. If you are the King of Pentacles, perhaps your patience, planning, hard work, and authenticity are not being recognized and compensated as you feel they should. Alternatively, if you feel that you are not entitled to the compensation for the work that you are meant to do, perhaps the King of Pentacles' energy is estranged from you.

These are only a few examples, and again, we each possess all of these energetic qualities. The point is to inquire: what is ready to be resolved, and what needs to be released in order to step into the mastery and leadership qualities that are your birthright?

A master carpenter doesn't have "mastery over chairs", but rather is a master of working in service to others with wood. He or she might have had to overcome impatience, frustration, and resistance. What within you wants to come forward in service? Have you noticed any obstacles in these last few weeks that you are ready to have removed?

Once you have illuminated what King energy you want to bring forward in your life, write it down in the affirmative. For example, “I am ready to have any resistance to x (love, health, money, etc.) removed. I am resonant with y (kissing, dreaming, income, etc.)”

Be as specific as you possibly can in these wishes, but keep it all about you. Instead of writing "I wish I was thinner" or "I want to lose weight" you want to write everything in the affirmative. "I can feel how wonderful it is to be in all of my clothes. I am excited by the endorphins that I get from exercise. I deserve all the healthy food that I enjoy. The ritual of drinking water is calming."

There are lots of guides to this kind of manifestation, and for good reason - it works. The big distinction here is that we are working with the timing of the eclipse season closing and the New Moon. These cosmic events are here to support this work. By grounding this work with the imagery of our Kings, we can return to them as anchors for what we want to achieve.

Put all your good feelings of intention into your body for at least 68 seconds. When you are done, be sure to close by saying, "for the good of all, or none at all."

Keep observing and returning to these intentions. Use them if you plan to honor the Solstice and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on the 21st. Repeat these as often as you can until the Full Moon on the 29th, when it is appropriate to release them into the universe by safely blessing and burning them.


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