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Tarot Readings San Fran


I am here to serve you in confidentiality, without judgment, and in support of whatever is in your highest and best.


My commitment goes beyond, “Do no harm.” I am committed to being a force for good.

Tarot Readings  San Francisco
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Tarot Practitioner

Hello, my name is Meredyth. I began my journey with the Tarot in High School, in 1996. My deck came to college with me, but when I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English Literature, I put my deck away and got serious about a career in sales.


I became a successful salesperson with a big title and big quotas, doing big deals with big clients. I also secretly resumed my practice of Tarot. I kept it a secret out of fear that I might sound too “woo-woo”. I’m still not immune to that fear.

As I grew ever more successful in the corporate world, I also recognized that type of success was illusory. I wasn’t valuing my own happiness and my spiritual life wasn’t being nurtured, much less enhanced. Through a long period of self-exploration, I came to understand my own intuitive gifts.

I realized that my soul’s contract is to help others.

Sea Tarot began when I decided to put my full faith in the divine, step away from having an employer (all the good and bad that goes with that), and raise my hand to help others.

Based on this experience, I know that the Tarot has the potential to help you discover your path as well.

If you are seeking guidance for a specific situation, if you are looking to re-awaken to your own intuition, and if you are ready to call in support on your soul’s journey, the Tarot and I are at your service.

I employ the cards, my gift of intuition, my practice of channeling and meditation, and decades of education, research, and learning to give meaning and support to my readings.

I’m also a sailor, a scuba diver, an artist, a comic, a singer, and a dog mom. The world offers so many adventures, and that is how I approach the Tarot.

-Highest and Best


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If You Are New To Tarot...

I didn’t set out to serve clients with no prior experience in Tarot, but it’s become a delightful specialty of mine. I think that my approach is appealing to many people who are curious about exploring intuition and spirituality, but to whom a neon ‘psychic’ sign or a crystal ball just doesn’t resonate. If that sounds like you, welcome!

I can assure you that the Tarot is nothing to be afraid of. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about the Tarot. I can assure you that my practice doesn’t engage in any fear-based predictive or prescriptive modalities.

There are no "bad cards" nor are there any "good cards." There are 78 images of things that happen in life, from the first breath to the next pilgrimage. Tarot is, like life, a choose your own adventure.

There are so many tools to support us in our human endeavors, Tarot is a tool that I employ to help shine a light on the love that abounds.

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If you like these, we’ll get along:

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brene brown sea tarot san francisco
tara mohr sea tarot san francisco
sea kelp sea tarot san francisco

Brene Brown - I first learned of her from her viral TED talk, which illuminated the link between courage and vulnerability. She is a self-described researcher/storyteller, and I frequently quote her in my sessions. She is a fantastic source of wisdom, inspiration, and humor.


Tara Mohr - I was introduced to her work by my wonderful mother. Her message of support to and for women is one that empowers the feminine. Too often the phrase ‘empowering women’ is only deployed to help women succeed in patriarchal structures. Her message for women to ‘‘Play Big” honors that means something different than what our patriarchy honors.

Elise Loehnen - I discovered her podcast Pulling the Thread as I was doing research for one of my blog posts and I've been binging on it ever since. Her conversations with luminaries from various different fields are conducted with curiosity and intelligence. This podcast always gives me something to think about, even and especially when it is a topic I thought I was familiar with. 

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Book A Free Consultation

This work inherently requires some trust and vulnerability, so if you have any questions, let’s talk. It’s important that you feel confident that I’ll be the best practitioner for you. There’s no pressure to book and there are no dumb questions.

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