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Teaching & Training

kelp sea tarot san francisco

Beyond a Reading

Beyond the confines of a Tarot reading, there is so much more that can the Tarot offer.

My own relationship with Tarot didn't take hold until I recognized that 'fortune-telling' wasn't my aim.


Far better than trying to predict the future, working with the Tarot has helped me to unlock my creativity, heal myself in times of sorrow, and inspire my personal and spiritual growth.

If you're interested in exploring how working with the Tarot can support your journey,

I offer teaching and workshops to help guide you.

Free Tarot for Fun

In addition to my paid workshops and classes, you can join me for FREE


Every other Sunday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. PT, I offer a 'Tea and Tarot' Zoom session. If you have a question about the cards, creating a spread, reading for others, or anything else Tarot-related, come drop in. I'm happy to share my knowledge with you for free.

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Group Workshops

You do not need to learn and memorize the meanings and symbols of all 78 cards in order to build a practice of Tarot!


If you're interested in exploring the Tarot as a tool for inspiration, creativity, and self-exploration, I offer group workshops.

The next workshop I will host will be EnVision 2024, in which I will guide you in creating a vision board that you can work will all year round, one that will actually work. I will explain how we can ground our manifestations with the Moon and how to receive from Spirit.

Sign up here to be notified as soon as registration opens

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kelp sea tarot san francisco

Learning the Tarot

If you want to learn to read the cards for yourself and others, I would love to teach you!


Whether you are a total newbie, a frequent practitioner, or a professional yourself, there is always more to learn. My miracle-minded approach can help you strengthen your practice, and deepen your confidence.

Every student is unique, so each course of study is uniquely tailored. Once I have an understanding of what your current knowledge foundation is and what your goals are, we'll map your plan of study.

Sea Tarot Tutoring Is Perfect For You If:

You’ve always wanted to learn Tarot, but you don't know where to begin.

Maybe you purchased a deck or were gifted one, but the booklet it came with leaves you feeling unsure. Even if you don't already own a deck, I can take you from zero to hero in about 10 weeks.

If you're familiar with the Tarot but want to strengthen your foundation and deepen your practice.


I can help you examine your foundational knowledge and together we can explore what more wisdom there is to be revealed. Perhaps your relationship with a specific card has changed, but you still feel tied to an outdated interpretation. Together we will build strategies that will keep your interpretive muscles strong and flexible.

There is a specific card, suit, or area of the Tarot that you'd like to understand better.

If you've been working with the cards already, is likely that there are some cards you have a stronger relationship with than others. If you'd like to focus on a particular area of the deck, for example, reversals, or the Court cards, we can go deep into the symbolism, scholarship, and most importantly your intuitive knowing.


Available Teaching and Training

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