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Learn Tarot

Beyond Readings

There is so much more that the Tarot can offer, beyond the confines of a reading.

My own relationship with Tarot didn't take hold until I recognized that the cards could be a prompt for creative writing!

Far better than trying to predict the future, working with the Tarot has helped me to unlock my creativity, heal myself in times of sorrow, and inspire my personal and spiritual growth.

If you're interested in exploring how working with the Tarot can support your journey,

I would love to help.


I offer a range of teaching, training, and workshops that use the Tarot as the jumping-off point to greater explorations.

Free Tarot Classes

Tea & Tarot:
Online Tarot Q&A

Most of the work I do is reading for others, but if you are interested in reading for yourself or friends, I can help you with that too!


These bi-weekly group online sessions are open to anyone looking to talk Tarot.

It's easy to feel stumped by an online keyword description of a card, and it's natural to distrust our inner-knowing of the cards' messages. Whatever your relationship to the Tarot is, if you've got questions, I'd love to try and help.

Think of Tea & Tarot as the open 'office hours' of a professional Tarot reader. Bring your questions on repeating cards, reversals, the Zodiac, the Majors, or the Court cards, I'm excited to share my knowledge.


Join me over Zoom every other Sunday for an hour of tea and tarot talk, for free!

Tarot Classes


Whether you are new to Tarot, or you've been practicing professionally, there is always room to expand and deepen a relationship to the cards.


Each student will have their own goals and background, so each session is individually tailored.


We can go through the deck card by card, or focus on one area of understanding that you want to deepen, the Court Cards or reversals for example.


You can also choose to talk more generally about cultivating your intuition, reading for others, and/or how to the tarot can support you therapeutically and joyfully.

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