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Individual Readings

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What To Expect

Your session will take place either in person or remotely. There is no difference in the level of insights that you will receive. Whichever feels most comfortable for you is best.


We will start with a guided meditation and then drop into a place of deep listening to Spirit. I will then draw your cards and share the story and symbolism of each card and what the medicine of the spread is bringing for you.


My #1 priority is that you feel supported and safe. My readings are completely confidential. You do not need to tell me your question or situation before our reading.

My approach is consultative and therapeutic. The guidance I receive is for you and in support of your present state. My work is neither predictive nor prescriptive.

Please keep in mind that our sessions are intended to be supportive and fun, they are not a replacement for professional legal, medical, or psychological expertise.

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How It Works

Because the nature of this work is energetic, my rates are based on the approximate amount of time we spend together. I don’t want anyone to feel the pressure of a therapist’s '50-minute hour' so if you want to extend your session I usually can.

I don't use any pre-determined spreads, all my readings are conducted intuitively. That means that we might explore two or three cards in an hour or we might pull 6 cards in 45 minutes.

For most readings, I recommend booking ‘Growth’ for 1 hour.

I am dedicated to supporting your needs within a timeframe that fits your budget.

A $45 deposit is required to reserve your appointment


I accept Cash, Credit, Venmo, and CashApp.


Gratuities are always welcome.

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Individual Readings

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