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2 hours


A long-view query can help steer the course of intention and direction.


Whether it's one issue that requires expansive inquiry, or questions about multiple spheres of your life converging, this is the opportunity to explore deeply and thoroughly.


In two hours, we'll be able to quiet the thinking mind and gain Divine perspective.


Sometimes one single issue requires expansive inquiry, and sometimes multiple spheres of life converge. Let's discover how far you can move forward with grace and ease.

$45 Deposit Due Upon Booking Acceptance, Remaining $155 Due at Time of Service.




"Meredyth is absolutely amazing. She's incredibly wise and made me feel incredibly comfortable opening up. Meredyth went above & beyond during our session, and made me realize my limiting beliefs. She also helped me see things in a new way & brought to the surface what I actually want. She's so gifted and truly has a heart of gold. I would highly recommend her for anyone that feels stuck and needs a little guidance. I will definitely be back." -Kate O

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