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Let's Bring In the Joy

starfish sea tarat san francisco

Whether you are seeking in-depth and individual support, planning a celebration, or looking to practice and deepen your intuition and creativity, Sea Tarot is here to joyfully support you.

sea shell sea tarot san francisco

Who Do I Serve Best?

The Tarot is a tool for anyone who desires it. You may feel called to work with me specifically if:


You're looking for clarity and support


The divine wants your highest and best, all you need is to be open to receive.


You are planning a celebration!

Make your next party an event to remember by gifting your guests both entertainment and wisdom.


You want to learn how to use your own initiative gifts

I offer education and tools to help you learn how to manifest and co-create with the Divine.

You are curious

If you've always been curious, but are skeptical of anything too 'woo-woo', you'll appreciate my grounded and therapeutic approach.

You're at a crossroads or emotional contraction

It can be difficult to see the miracle through big emotions and brain noise. A reading can help clear away the static and make room for miracles. 



Explore the details and choose from individual sessions, parties, workshops and mentorship


It's always a good time to ask the Divine for guidance.


Whether you are in a time of transition and contraction, celebrating a milestone, or you're simply curious, an individual Tarot session can offer you wisdom and confidence.

Your individual reading can take place in-person or online. I have a range of session lengths to fit your needs and budget.


$85 - $200


Surprise and delight your guests by bringing the Tarot to your next event!


Birthdays, showers, company gratitude events, and in-store promotions can all become memorable occasions with Tarot.


I've entertained private parties as small as 4 and as large as 400


Whether in-person or remote, your guests will be smiling long after the confetti has been swept up. 

$200/hr - 2 hr min


If you are exploring your creativity, deepening your intuitive practice, or seeking a supportive coach, I can help.

My workshops are interactive group events designed to educate through play.

My mentorship sessions are similar to my individual sessions, but with a greater focus on practical coaching.


$35 - $160

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