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If you are looking for a gift that will inspire both you and a loved one, a tandem Tarot session is a beautiful and unexpected way to show your affection.


You can also use both sessions yourself. Checking in with the Tarot on a regular basis can help as you navigate the seasons of your life.


In one hour, we'll be able to focus on what is the highest and best advice from Spirit at this time.


We will begin by centering our listening and getting grounded with Spirit, then we'll explore your current state. We may also expand our inquiry into additional areas, our collaboration is always guided by the cards.


By planning ahead for for support and self-care, you will also be saving.1-hour sessions are regularly $100 each, but by purchasing two sessions together, you'll receiving $25 off the regular combined price.

Intuition Package

  • Session certificates never expire.

    Bookings can be done online or over the phone, based on schedule availability.

    Once a session is scheduled,  24-hour notice of cancellaction is required to reschedule.

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