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1.5 hours


Great expansion requires great inquiry. 90 minutes will allow us to go deeper with our listening and inquiry with Spirit. If there are multiple different areas of life competing for your attention, this will allow you to reset and recenter.


If you are going through a transition, facing one of life's contractions, or if there are multiple areas of inquiry you want to explore, 90 minutes will allow us to dive deep and discover where the lessons and gifts are inside any situation.


When we get pulled in many directions - love, career, family, and health, it can be challenging to find serenity. No matter where you are, we can take the time to dig deep and uncover your strength, beauty, and value.

$45 Deposit Due Upon Booking Acceptance, Remaining $105 Due at Time of Service.


"I enjoyed my reading with Meredyth! She comes from a place of deep intuition and puts sincere effort into explaining the interpretation of the reading. I left feeling encouraged and inspired. Her words have still resonated with me throughout the past couple of weeks since my reading. Looking forward to my next session!" -Paul S.

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