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Ignite Your Fire with the Ace of Wands

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The Spring Equinox and Aries Season

Happy New Year!?!

You heard it right. Though we collectively celebrate New Year’s on January 1st, today March 20th is the Spring Equinox and it marks a new year on the Wheel of the Year.

On Tuesday, March 21st, we will also welcome the New Moon and Aries season.

The Zodiac calendar follows the Wheel of the Year, so when we move from Pisces and The Moon into Aries and The Emperor, we go from Line Three of the Major Arcana back to Line One.

This is a major shift, and based on the readings I’ve been giving lately, a very welcome one too.

When we celebrate the New Year in January, we feel the potential of a new beginning. A new beginning on the Wheel of the Year holds that same potential, only now we’ve got the added benefit of aligning ourselves with the awakening of nature

Pisces is a water sign and its corresponding card, The Moon, can make us feel dreamy and uncertain. It can be fun to play in the deep waters of fantasy and imagination, but it can also bring up fear and uncertainty for the unknown.

Conversely, Aries is a Fire sign and its corresponding card, The Emperor, is all about stability and power. The Emperor holds big visions for the future. He has the energy and the passion to establish whatever structures and foundations are needed to execute his vision.

If you’ve been longing for more energy and motivation, good news. Today we say goodbye winter and hello to spring.

In my experience of time, the Spring Equinox is really the starting gun that signals a new annual cycle has begun.

To help us ignite our creativity and passion for this new cycle, I’m calling upon the Ace of Wands.

When we pull an Ace, we’re being invited to go on a journey with that suit’s element.

In the Cups, ruled by Water, we’re asked to learn what it means and what it requires to come from a heart-centered source of overflow.

In the Swords, ruled by Air, we’re asked to work with our minds so that we may ultimately use them to discern truth from fear.

In the Earth elemented Pentacles, we explore how our bodies and the material world intersect with our beliefs and our spirits.

The Wands are ruled by Fire. Here we explore our life-force. Fire fuels our passion and our creativity. The Wands show us how to channel that energy.

Working with fire is no small feat. It requires all three other elements just to begin. We humans are the only creatures that have learned to manipulate fire for our own purposes. It’s so basic, and yet given a moment’s thought, it’s truly miraculous.

In the Minor Arcana, it’s not just the element that we explore. It’s also the suit’s representative. If we want to transport water, we’re going to need a vessel, hence the Cups.

When we talk about working with our inner fire, it’s not matchsticks or torches, but Wands that lead the way.

Wands are said to be a witch’s most powerful tool, because they are the conduit that transfers energy into being.

A magic wand can be artistically handcrafted, or it can be mass-produced and purchased at a magic shoppe. A wand can have a glittering fairy princess star at its tip, or it can simply be a sturdy stick that you’ve declared your wand.

The only difference between a stick and a wand, is the purpose you bring to it.

Your life-force is like a magic wand. By accepting the invitation to begin with the Ace of Wands, we explore how to collect, conduct, conserve, and direct that energetic force.

When we work with fire, sometimes we want a candle, sometimes we’ll want a furnace. Ultimately, we don’t want to burn out of control, or consume all our fuel.

Enter The Emperor, Aries, and The Equinox…

Aries is the initiator of the Zodiac. Symbolized by the ram, Aries is ruled by Mars, the plant of war.

Numbered IV in the Major Arcana, The Emperor brings in this new season.

Both Aries and The Emperor are ready to take on their big-picture ideas. They’re not afraid of hard work, but they won’t get bogged down in details, and they have very little respect for imposed limitations.

The Emperor also understands that realizing a big vision requires structure and discipline. Discipline doesn’t mean punishment. The work of empire building is too important to risk burn-out, and so The Emperor takes a long-view.

Like early spring bulbs that stay dormant all winter, then suddenly burst forth overnight, The Emperor is able to harness his fire energy, and move it from rest into action.

For today’s vernal equinox, the Ace of Wands would like to ignite your energetic shift into Aries season and springtime.

New Moon in Aries Manifestation

When the Ace of Wands shows up, it’s like Spirit is handing you the baton in a track meet and saying, “This is your heat, go!”

There is urgency. We don’t want to drop it. But, we also know that we’re not going to be able to sprint at top-speed for the entire distance.

Similarly, when we manifest with the Moon, we want to begin at the New Moon with the strong energy of a clear intention, build that energy as the Moon continues waxing, and then release our grip at the Full Moon, allowing Spirit to take over.

We begin with the New Moon in Aries on March 21st, and we will close our Aries season with another new moon in Aries on April 19, which will be a New Moon solar eclipse! That means you’ll get the chance to double down on your New Moon manifestations this cycle.

To Begin:

A New Moon ritual should wait until after the New Moon has begun. In San Francisco, that will be on March 21st at 10:23 AM. Since we’ll be using fire, I suggest waiting until nightfall.

If you felt awash in the dreamy emotional work of Pisces, the Ace of Wands is here to help you take those feelings and transform them into action. That means getting creative.

Did I mention how creative the Wands are? If I had to choose an image of what creativity looks like, I’d choose the Ace of Wands in the Light Seer’s deck.

For this exercise, you’ll need: a candle (preferably orange or red) a match, paper and a pencil.

1. Begin by seating yourself comfortably on the floor, facing South. Imagine yourself inside a sacred circle.

2. Place your unlit candle and your match in front of you.

3. Next, take whatever time you need to start writing your big ideas.

We’re using a pencil for this exercise because it is made with wood. As you feel your hand connect with the pencil, the graphite connect with the wood-pulp page, bring some awareness to the heat your ideas are generating.

You are Your Wand

You are an energetic conduit. Each of us contains our own life-force energy. We each come into the world to manifest something that couldn’t exist without us.

When we consider what our unique purpose is, it’s common to halt our inquiry before it’s even begun. We stop ourselves because we’re afraid we might not have the resources required to execute on our vision.

The Emperor knows better than to worry about what isn’t possible. He knows that when the time comes, he’ll be able to marshal the support he needs. This Aries season, borrow that wisdom.

Some of the big ideas that I’ve heard from clients very recently include: starting a business, retiring, dedicating time to make art, moving, directing a film, taking a sabbatical, and starting a family.

Big ideas like those can feel daunting at first, but remember that everything that exists today, from an iPhone to a symphony, began as someone’s idea.

Once you feel the energy of your ideas flowing from your hand to the page crumple the critic’s thoughts and throw them out of your circle.

4. Next, write or draw your big idea on a single sheet and place it face-down in front of your candle.

When manifesting with The Emperor, we want to select one really big idea.

5. Hold your match in one hand, the flint in the other, and close your eyes.

As you sink into your body, feel the support from the ground. Breath in fresh oxygen and allow it restore you. Become aware of how capable you are of drawing in support.

Though it’s possible to manifest by pulling only from our own life-force energy, it’s not sustainable. The redwood doesn’t depend only on the soil to grow. It pulls water from the fog and the rain, nutrients from the sun and the earth. Similarly, we need to fuel our inner-flame with energy from Spirit.

In this space, ask your highest self what outside energetic support you’ll need to bring your vision to life. Say aloud, “I am willing to receive that support.”

If there are energetic drains you know aren't compatible with your big idea, ask your highest self to remove your attachment to them. It’s not always possible to simply stop giving away our energy, especially if that is a pattern, but it is possible to ask Spirit for the help to become willing to stop.

6. When you feel ready, open your eyes and strike your match.

As you bring the match to the wick of your candle, see that you are the conduit for this transfer of energy.

7. Now, pick up your pencil and turn your big idea page over.

Point your pencil at your big idea and state aloud, “I am calling in X (a new apartment, a career I love, etc.) I direct my inner-fire to X. I am ready to receive support from (the Universe, family, the body, etc.) to manifest X.

You are using your pencil as a wand, and you’ve connected your intention to source. When we point at the object of intent, we are conducting our energy to this intent.

8. Finally, step out of your circle, take those crumpled up words the critic had to say, and soak them into pulp.

Well-meaning as the critic’s doubts can be, they are energy drains and The Emperor banished them by decree.

I recommend placing your candle and your big intention on an alter or a special place and relighting it each night until the Full Moon on Thursday April 6th. At the Full Moon you can light your intention with the flame and send it to Spirit for further execution. On April 19th, double-down on this big idea by lighting your candle at the eclipse!


I'm wishing you a happy Ostara, a joyous welcome to spring, and juicy New Moon in Aries! And please, let me know how your manifestations grow!


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