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Leo's Full Moon

Updated: Feb 6

The Ten of Wands Invites Us to Let Go

On Sunday we welcomed the Full Moon in Leo. This is the time in our Moon manifestation cycle to let go and let G.O.D. — Good Orderly Direction.

The card that I’m calling forth for this lesson is the Ten of Wands.

At the New Moon, we worked with the Eight of Wands, by bravely throwing our intentions into the world. Between then and now, we’ve started turning those visions into a reality.

Now that we have invested our efforts to make our intentions real, it is time to practice the next stage of manifestation — releasing to the Divine.

In this card we see a figure struggling up a hill carrying ten wands, the most he can manage.

We can guess that he’ll make it to the village, he’s probably done it before. But, if we could speak to him, we’d likely say, “It looks like you could use some help with that, won’t you allow me to carry something for you?”

We’ve all been there. We know what it means to keep our heads down, trudge the road, and refuse assistance; however, when we recall those moments, we must admit that, what we actually desired was attention.

The Wands are all about our fire, they represent our passion, our hustle and Leo is about receiving attention; but ultimately, if we are asking to be recognized for our struggle, we’re seeking negative attention.

We live in a culture that would love us to believe that “hard work pays off” and “no pain, no gain”. We celebrate workaholism.

No wonder then that when we arrive at the Ten of Wands, our impulse is to say, “I’ll just do it myself.”

A good example of this card in real life is when we know additional staff is needed to grow our business, but our inner-voice persists in saying, “It’ll take more work to train someone else than if I just do it myself. And, I’m the only one I can trust to get it done right.”

When we’ve reached this point, it’s time to recognize that we’ve already done our part. If it was supposed to be done under our efforts alone, it would have been achieved by now.

To continue growing our passion and our hustle, we must surrender the idea that struggle is virtuous.