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ocean wave sea tarot san francisco

Individual Readings

kelp sea tarot san francisco

What To Expect

Your session will take place either in person or remotely. There is no difference in the level of insights that you will receive. Whichever feels most comfortable for you is best.


We will start with a guided meditation and then drop into a place of deep listening to Spirit. I will then draw your cards and share the story and symbolism of each card and what the medicine of the spread is bringing for you.


My #1 priority is that you feel supported and safe. My readings are completely confidential. You do not need to tell me your question or situation before our reading.

My approach is consultative and therapeutic. The guidance I receive is for you and in support of your present state. My work is neither predictive nor prescriptive.

Please keep in mind that our sessions are intended to be supportive and fun, they are not a replacement for professional legal, medical, or psychological expertise.

starfish sea tarat san francisco

How It Works

Because the nature of this work is energetic, my rates are based on the approximate amount of time we spend together. I don’t want anyone to feel the pressure of a therapist’s '50-minute hour' so if you want to extend your session I usually can.

I don't use any pre-determined spreads, all my readings are conducted intuitively. That means that we might explore two or three cards in an hour or we might pull 6 cards in 45 minutes.

For most readings, I recommend booking ‘Growth’ for 1 hour.

I am dedicated to supporting your needs within a timeframe that fits your budget.

A $45 deposit is required to reserve your appointment


I accept Cash, Credit, Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% fee.


Gratuities are always welcome.

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Individual Readings

mountain view sea tarot san francisco


Ideal for individuals looking for a speedy 'cosmic tune-up'.


Also good for groups looking to share back-to-back private readings, and for anyone on a budget.

In 45 minutes we'll be able to drop into a deep listening from Spirit and explore one specific area of inquiry.

45 Minutes - $85

flowers sea tarot san francisco


If you've never had a reading before, this is where to begin. 


In one hour, we'll open a channel to Spirit to hear what matters most for you.

We'll explore the overall message for your current state, then expand our inquiry into one or two additional specific areas.

1 Hour - $100

boat on lake sea tarot san francisco


Great expansion requires great inquiry.


90 minutes will allow us to go deeper with our listening and inquiry with Spirit.


If there are multiple different areas of life competing for your attention, this will allow you to reset and recenter.

1.5 hours - $150

Individual Tarot Reading


If it feels like you've been treading water and still can't find the walls of the pool, it's time for a limitless inquiry to Spirit.


In two hours, we'll be able to quiet the thinking mind and gain Divine perspective. 


Sometimes one single issue requires expansive inquiry, and 

sometimes multiple spheres of life converge.


Either way, we will get to the heart of the matter and discover how you can move forward in peace.

2 Hours - $200

Two Session Bundle

This discounted package of 2 one-hour readings is designed for you and a friend or for yourself bi-annually.


If you are looking for a gift that will inspire both you and a loved one, a tandem Tarot session is a beautiful and unexpected way to show your affection.


By purchasing two sessions together, you'll receiving 30 minutes of time with the cards for free.

Two 1-hour Sessions - $175

quarter moon sea tarot san francisco

Four Session Bundle

This discounted package of 4 one-hour readings is designed to support you over the course of a year.

By working together over time, you will be able to grow and maintain a mindset for creating and receiving miracles.


There is always more to be revealed. When I get to drop in with you and your guides regularly, theses conversations become even more dynamic and informative.

Four 1-hour Sessions - $350

Summer Tarot Reading
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