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A Ritual for the Super Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

On Wednesday the 26th we will have a Super Full Flower Blood Moon totally eclipsed. The last Supermoon Eclipses were in 1982 and 2015, and the next one won't take place until 2033! It is ‘Super’ because the moon will be at its perigee (closest to Earth), ‘Flower’ because this is the month of flowers blooming and ‘Blood’ because of the reddish hue it will take on during the eclipse. The red color comes from sunlight filtering through Earth's atmosphere as the moon passes through our planet's shadow. It’s also known as the Hare Moon and the Milk Moon. Supermoons are best observed after moonrise. The Supermoon will look about 7% bigger and 16% brighter than an average full moon. Additionally, the lunar tidal effect is intensified by as much as 18%, which can cause a 5cm variance in the tides. Supermoons can activate both our romantic situations and amplify our emotional expressions. They are a fantastic time to meditate on unexplored emotions and alternative life paths. Similarly, eclipses are powerful opportunities to release whatever we’ve outgrown and that no longer serves our highest and best.

When we work with the moon, we typically set intentions at the New Moon, check-in again at the 1st Quarter, then release those intentions back to Spirit at the Full Moon, and integrate the shift at the 2nd Quarter. During an eclipse, we can experience that full cycle in hours.

Eclipse energy does most of the heavy lifting for us, but when that includes removing the things we’ve become too attached to, it can feel uncomfortable.

For this upcoming Blood Moon, I encourage you to work with the medicine of The Lovers. If you are viewing from PST, the eclipse will begin at 1:47 AM. The total eclipse will take place from 4:11 AM - 4:25 AM. The moon will set by 6:01 AM.

If getting up at 4 AM sounds like insanity, just remember that there will not be another Supermoon Eclipse until 2033! That said, you can still benefit from this ritual by performing it before bed and sleeping with your love-letter under your pillow.

To Begin:

Head outside and watch the moonrise. As you observe the day turn to night, allow yourself to feel the awe of the speed at which our planet is spinning, the size of our moon in orbit, and the total harmony that we can participate in just through silent observation.

When you are ready, begin to meditate on the topic of self-love.

- Do you feel comfortable offering love to yourself?

- Is there someone or something that you feel has the keys to your completion?

- What if those keys were already in your hands, how would that change your behavior?

- Are there parts of yourself that you believe are unloveable?

- What if you could hold those qualities as the most cherished elements of you, crying out to love you back?

When your meditation is complete, write down what came forward in the form of a love letter to yourself. Imagine you are the partner, the employer, the parent that has it all and reflects those qualities back to yourself.

If in your writing and meditation you uncover critical beliefs that contribute to a story of why your love for yourself isn't fulfillment enough, or why you would have to be someone other than who you are at that moment in order to receive and give love, write those down on a separate paper. Then, reframe them into your love letter.

For example, the belief "I'm too big at social events, I need to speak less in social situations so no one feels overshadowed" would go on one page and the reframe in the letter would be, "I love how I feel when I am excited and laughing and sharing my authentic self with others. That's my favorite thing about me."

If you decide to sleep on it, re-read your love letter aloud a few times before bed and then place it under your pillow. In the morning burn those negative beliefs and let them go.

If you can wake for the actual eclipse, go ahead and burn to release the negative beliefs at the beginning of the eclipse. As the moon goes into totality, re-read your self-love letter. See if you can stay with those affirmations for all 14 minutes!

When you are all done, give yourself a hug and congratulations for accepting all the beauty you are!


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