"You Cannot touch the water in the same place twice"

"Meaning is not something we find,

it is something we give"

Life is never a linear experience, though our minds might like us to think it is. As we grow and change internally, and as the world grows and changes around us, we experience the true spiral nature of existence. Tarot is a tool that has been used for centuries to support the understanding of this spiralic life.


Because the future is never a fixed mark, there are no real "crystal balls" or accurate fortune-telling oracles. We live in a free world universe, so we can change our futures at any time. The truest promise we have is the present moment. A Tarot reading can help interpret the present moment and advise how best to advance with what is in the highest and best.


Our guides - mine and yours, want to support and attune us to our inner knowledge. By asking with an open heart, Tarot can help us divinate the roots of any circumstance and suggest guidance to a loving path forward. That is what Sea Tarot offers to any and all.





San Francisco, CA