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What Is Tarot?

Tarot cards are a divination tool that has been used for centuries. There are thousands of decks and millions of practitioners worldwide, and each one is unique.

In my practice, Sea Tarot, I use the Tarot to support individuals and groups reconnect with the highest truth of what it means to be alive - love.

We are human beings having a spiritual experience in a body. Our intellect uses linear thinking, beginning, middle, and end, to make sense of it all; but the nature of our spiritual growth is non-linear, it is spiralic.

Because Tarot is a visual tool, communication from the cards can bypass language. A single message from a card can offer clarity and council.

It’s the nature of the thinking mind to find problems to solve and to make meaning out of fear, but it is the nature of the spirit to see love as the only true meaning. Tarot can help bridge that gap.

That is what Sea Tarot offers to any and all.

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About Meredyth

Hello and welcome to Sea Tarot. My name is Meredyth. I began my journey with the Tarot in 1996. Over these past 15 years, I used the Tarot to help me through college, relocation, a successful corporate sales career, and more adventures, losses and loves than I could ever have imagined.


Sea Tarot began when I decided to put my full faith in the divine, step away from corporate America, and raise my hand to help others.

Tarot helped me rediscover my purpose and I hope to help you reawaken to your true nature, fulfill your soul’s contract, and support you as you step into the joyful life that is calling your name.

I use Tarot cards, my gift of intuition, and guided meditation in my readings. I then offer context, support, and miracle-minded therapeutic coaching to help my clients inhabit their highest and best selves.

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Praise for Sea Tarot
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"Meredyth was a pleasure to work with during our Halloween event at The Battery. She communicated clearly with timely responses. She arrived in theme and worked well with our entire team onsite. She is professional, fun, and flexible making time for more appointments than originally scheduled. We would be delighted to have Meredyth read at The Battery again!"

- Colleen C, Production Manager, Member Events - The Battery

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"Meaning Is Not Something We Find.
It Is Something
We Give"

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