Image by Jong Marshes

Workshops and Mentorship


Tarot for Fun Workshop

If you've ever wanted to work with the Tarot, but learning the deck sounds daunting, this workshop will show you how the cards can be supportive, playful, and creative, with no memorization ever!

This will not be a 'Tarot Class', but is perfect for anyone with a curiosity in Tarot, intuition, and creativity

I will show you how you can draw inspiration from the Tarot, with no prior knowledge of the cards and no need to “learn the deck.” In this space, I will help you see how the imagery of the Tarot can help you tap into the joy and healing energy of your innate creativity.


Whether you are a full-time writer or artist, or if you are an analytical athlete, this workshop will inspire you to open to a new space of your spirit and imagination. I will provide guidance and structure as well as Tarot materials and creative artistic supplies to help you bring your inner beauty into the world.


"I had been told by many healers this year to revel in my creativity and I was lucky enough to find Meredyth's Creativity Tarot workshop. Not knowing what to expect and honestly very nervous, I had a wonderful evening delighting all my senses and experimenting with our group.


I left with work I was proud of and liked the freedom and space to truly follow my own intuition. This is a great group to join if you are in a rut like I had been and I appreciate my hosts for a fine evening!"

-Viky B., San Francisco



If you are interested in learning the Tarot, beginning a practice of intuition, or if you're seeking guidance in your relationships, career, and purpose, I would love to help.

Mentorship sessions may draw upon the Tarot but are more conversational than regular reading. All mentorship programs are customized for your specific needs and desires.