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Kind Praise

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"I'm so happy I found Meredyth. She is the best tarot reader I've seen. It is clear that she is very knowledgeable and intuitive and truly cares about her clients. She also makes the readings fun and explains what's coming up in a way that is very easy for me to remember.


She puts 110% into her readings and her clients, with so many unique touches that I adore. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"


-Bridget H., CA

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Meredyth of Sea Tarot is an intelligent intuitive who provides clear communication and insight with her multifaceted and interactive readings.


Her myriad tarot deck options made for a fun session and provided a new context from which to frame my emerging situation and challenges ahead.

I highly recommend Sea Tarot and Meredyth for your own personal reading or for a fun group gathering at your next party or women's night event!

-Denise T., CA

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"What a remarkable experience it was today, to have you do a Tarot Card reading for me. Because you started out by offering me choices of different Tarot decks available to me, immediately showed your spectrum of professionalism.


Questions as of knowledge and comfort level on my part further laid a good foundation, and your light breathwork and grounding had me put my pen....

The way you are capable of being lighthearted, yet deeply sincere and involved, rounded up with diverse knowledge, clearly shows your gift of the Tarot. Thank you, and thank you again.... I now have a few more guideposts to navigate life!"

-Janetta P., CA

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"Meredyth is a caring and supportive guide. She is extremely intelligent and funny, while meeting you with sincere compassion and an invitation to embody your power.  My session felt nurturing and healing.  If you're looking to the Tarot and want a grounded, healing experience, give her a call!"


-Jim J, OH

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"Meredyth was a pleasure to work with during our Halloween event at The Battery. She communicated clearly with timely responses. She arrived in theme and worked well with our entire team onsite. She is professional, fun, and flexible making time for more appointments than originally scheduled. We would be delighted to have Meredyth read at The Battery again!"


- Colleen C, Production Manager, Member Events - The Battery

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Sea Tarot is the place to visit, if you consider a great Tarot reading.
Meredyth took me on a journey into the world of Tarot... after she listened to my situation, she choose a set of cards that she felt represented a match to me specifically. As each card was turned, revealing a presence corresponding to my life, Meredyth patiently translated the message.


At times she stopped, asking me if it made sense, if not she would explain, other times she would be so exited it was contagious, she truly stepped into my life in the time we shared. We laughed, we cried, we were silent together...

If you bring your willingness and open mind, you will have to look hard to find a caring soul with endless knowledge as Meredyth.

- Jeanette P., CA

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This is such a great thing to do! I had a great experience with my cards and all the abundant clarifying that came from Meredyth, her tarot reading is a snapshot in time. While the future is dynamic and always in flux, she clarifies what will happen that got you to your present state and what will likely happen should you choose to do nothing from here on out. In some cases, it can also tell you how you should proceed.

It is definitely a great visit, and I will be back!!


- Amanda H., CA

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I had the immense pleasure of having Meredyth give me my first professional in-depth tarot reading. I received the 30 minute, single question service. I am not exaggerating when I say that Meredyth read me like a book. I did not even have to ask my question out loud, and the ENTIRE reading that was given resonated EXACTLY with my question and what I needed to know/hear in this current moment. Meredyth is an absolute gem, and the energy exuded is so loving and nurturing. I recommend Meredyth to anybody looking to have a tarot reading done. I will definitely be booking additional readings in the future!


- Alyson G.

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Great experience. Gave me insight on how I should go on my personal journey. I found out things that I never figured out. Meredyth gave me hope and wisdom. I needed it. 


- Tina S.


Your Voice Matters

I am grateful for all the kind praise that I have received. My primary purpose is to bring awakening and joy to all my clients.

I welcome all bodies, identities, and belief systems to join me. If you feel a call to work with me, I look forward to being of service to you.