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Manifest with The Magician for Lion's Gate, 8/8 and August's Full Moon

There is a lot of galactic activity this week! We’re in the midst of the Perseid meteor showers, which peak on the 11th-12th, though spotting a shooting star will be more difficult because Thursday the 11th is also August’s Full Moon. In addition, today is 8/8, known as Lion’s Gate, which is an energetic opportunity to connect the spiritual and physical.

To support our Full Moon ritual and harness the opportunity of Lion’s Gate, today I’m calling on Major Arcana card I, The Magician, to teach us on how to manifest with power and purpose.

If Leo season, Lion’s Gate portal, and numerology all sound a little too woo-woo for you, that’s no problem. Today’s message from The Magician is simple- you get to create your reality.

Our busy lives and our active minds can distort our perception of what is reality and what is possibility. Caught up in thoughts and errands, it’s easy to discount magic as trickery and manifestation as hooey; but, when we step back, the experience of being a creator in the midst of creation is nothing short of real magic.

And, I can prove it! Do yourself a favor and watch this short video that examines new images from the Web telescope. See for yourself…

When we pause and zoom out, we can see that there is nothing but magic, and the only trickery taking place is the limitations we place on our beliefs in creation and creativity.

Lion’s Gate and 8/8

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” -William Blake

Before I jump into some pretty woo astrology and numerology ideas, I think it’s only fair to mention that I’m neither an astrologer nor a numerologist. These ideas connect to the Tarot, but more importantly, they connect us to imagination, wonder, and receptivity. You do not need to have any belief in numerology or astrology to benefit from inviting awe.

If I were tasked with the job of representing infinity with a number or symbol, I would be at a complete loss. I don’t really enjoy numbers, and expressing the infinite sounds impossible; yet, when presented with a Möbius strip, I get it. I can trace my finger around a three dimensional strip of paper, and experience what it means to be without beginning or end.

In math this is represented by the lemniscate, ∞ which is also an 8 turned sideways.

In numerology, the number 8 represents good fortune, abundance, and achievement. 8 and 8 together are considered by numerologists to be the most powerful combination possible.

According to astrology, the Lion’s Gate portal opens between July 26th and August 12th. This portal is believed to be an especially potent time for manifesting.

It’s called Lion’s Gate because the Sun is in the sign of Leo. It is said to be at its peak activation on 8/8 when the star Sirius moves closer to Earth, which is aligned with the constellation of Orion’s belt. The Egyptian Pyramids of Giza were constructed to align with this ‘Galactic Center of the Universe’.

In the interest of full transparency, I do not believe that any one day is ‘lucky’, because that would mean there would be unlucky days. I don’t hold true that standing near a slave-built pharaoh’s tomb will open any gate to heaven, because the only barriers to heaven I’m aware of are the limits to receptivity we create.

If we set aside any skepticism, the Lion’s Gate portal is said to accelerate our energetic awakening so we may better manifest our authentic purpose. There is never a wrong time to deliberately invite greater awakening and consciousness.

The infinite is as wild as all of these ideas, but when we allow ourselves to see it in the date 8/8, we can hold the Möbius strip in our hands.

The Magician

There are 4 cards in the Smith Rider Waite deck that include the lemniscate symbol, The 2 of Pentacles, The Magician, Strength, and The World.

I’ve written about the Two of Pentacles, Strength and The World, but I haven’t discussed The Magician, until now…

Rachel Pollack is credited with presenting the Major Arcana cards in 3 lines of 7 cards. We think of the three horizontal lines like three acts in a play. Line One presents, ‘I am,’ Line Two explores, ‘Who am I,’ and Line Three discovers, ‘There is no I.'

In addition to this linear structure, we can also look to the vertical lines. The first vertical line of the Majors includes The Magician, Strength, and The Devil.

The lemniscate is present in The Magician and Strength to show that when we co-create with the Divine, the energy is a closed-loop circuit of infinite potential. In the Devil, the lemniscate is replaced with a reversed pentagram because we in this card we’ve allowed the ego’s erroneous belief in fear to replace our dependence on the Divine.

Though we are in Leo season, who’s card is Strength, I think The Magician is the perfect instructor for today’s Lion’s Gate and for this week’s Full Moon manifestation efforts.

Unlike stage magicians who offer sleight-of-hand illusions or fictional Harry Potters who possess superpowers, The Magician of the Tarot removes illusions and fictions.

This Magician’s powers come from the life force of all creation and his fidelity to his vision. He represents consciousness, action, and creation.

In the Smith Rider Waite deck, we see a figure whose red and white robes are gathered by a snake eating its tail, another symbol of the infinite possibility he channels.

The four suits and their elements are represented on his table by the cup (water), sword (air), wand (fire), and the pentacle (earth). He is surrounded by roses and lilies because he is able to cultivate abundance.

Though we’ll be using specific manifestation techniques today, The Magician only asks you to remember and acknowledge that you are magical.

When we create, we are magicians. When we write, sing, cook, dance, talk, make love, make a baby, or make a joke, we are both channeling the Divine, and experiencing the Divine within.

Each of us is both a part of creation and a creator.

In one hand The Magician points his magic wand towards the heavens while his other hand points to the ground. He is pulling from the Divine and channeling it here on earth.

When we view the Lion’s Gate as an opportunity to connect the spiritual and physical realms, The Magician demonstrates how.

Manifest with The Magician

The Magician is the manifestation professor, so feel free to call on this anchor card in all your manifestation works.

Today, 8/8, the Lion’s Gate portal is at its peak, and it will be open until August 12th. The Moon will be at its fullest on Thursday the 11th at 6:36pm PT, and as always, we can benefit from the Moon’s Full energy 24 hours before and after its apex. That makes Monday night through Friday night all especially auspicious evenings to amplify your awakening and manifestations!

Manifesting is a practice, and the more you practice the more confident you will become in your own magic. This would be an amazing week to set aside a little time each evening to honor your magic, contemplate the infinite, and summon the courage and action to make your purpose.

Remember as a kid the intensity with which you fantasized your dream toy? That is Magician energy we are going to call upon.

To Begin:

The Magician affirms to you that you are all you need to bring Divine energy into the physical realm; however, for this ritual, you’ll need some additional tools:

  1. An altar, a table, or some surface that you can reserve for your manifestation work and return to each night.

  2. If you can, wear white and red. Bathrobes are welcome!

  3. A cup, a chalice, a glass. Fill this with purified water. This water represents your heart-center and your emotional connection to whatever it is you want to awaken.

  4. A knife, a feather, or a pen. This represents your air energy, your intellect, and your communication.

  5. A wand, which can be an ordinary stick, ideally one with some green or flowering growth. This represents your fire, your passion, and your creativity.

  6. For the pentacle, which represents earth energy, you can use an everyday rock, a crystal, or soil. You can even use cash and coins!

  7. If you can, add some beautiful flowers, potted or cut.

  8. A ‘magic’ wand. If you want to get fancy, attach quartz crystals with a little wire to either end of a rod or a stick. Alternatively, any stick that you give some love to by whittling down both sides to a point will work. You can even use an electric pencil sharpener if you like.

All manifestation work is an act of co-creation with Divine. That’s what makes this work different than parlor magic and Hollywood ‘spell magik’. We cannot bring anything into creation that is not already aligned with Spirit.

The Magician’s pose is widely interpreted as an expression of the mystic refrain, “As above, so below.” This means that what we manifest on earth comes through us, like a lightning rod. Manifestation energy is universal, loving, and cosmic. If we attempt to create something that is only an expression of ego, we’re going to be disappointed.

To get in touch with our highest self, take a few moments to close your eyes and follow your breath. Allow your mind to cease thinking and begin to feel your connection to the earth. Visualize that connectivity rooting down to the core of the planet and then bring that energy up into your body.

Visualize a beam of white light that flows from the top of your head straight up past the farthest galaxy, into the loving space of infinite creation. Bring that light energy back down to you as you raise your wand with one hand and point your finger down to earth with the other.

Feel into your body, feel into your connection. To the Divine, silently ask with your heart, “What would you have me know?” As you connect your emotional core to whatever it is you want to manifest, make sure that your dream is in peace with your highest self’s best interest.

When we ask this question, sometimes we see that our desire is only for ourselves. More often, we recognize that we have credited the Divine with too little faith in what is possible. Whatever is in the greatest good, and that includes your greatest good, you can be the conduit to making it a physical reality.

Next, bring whatever inspiration your dreams acquired by connecting to Spirit and write it down. List or describe how your desire is connected to your heart and emotional center. How will it feel to embody this dream? Place this list under your cup.

List why this is a great idea and all the ways that you’ll be able to communicate it to the world. Are there books or knowledgeable people that you will need to include for this dream to come true? Place this list under your knife/feather/pen/air symbol.

List all the creative ways that you can support yourself energetically as you make your dream a reality. You’ll need to keep the fire of your passion going towards this dream, so ask for whatever fuel that may require.

And for our earth energy, list out all the practical and physical elements that will need to converge to see your dream come to life on earth. Place it below your earth tool.

Finally, return to your stance as The Magician. Feel into the abundance of all these energetic tools. Know that you do not need to ‘make’ magic, you are magic and a conduit of the Divine. Ask the Divine to bless you, your tools, and the manifestation of your desire.

Name it. Say it aloud.

When your ritual is complete, thank yourself, and your tools. Complete this same ritual every night this week if you can. Each night, see if you can connect even more authentically and deeply to the experience of being a conduit for what is in highest and best.

Finally, when you’re ready to retire your alter, return the earth to the ground, the water to the drain, the wand to the wild and the air props wherever they belong. Keep your lists with you and your ‘magic’ wand and revisit them as often as you dare until your vision from above is received by you here on earth

And there you have it!

You can use this exercise to create a reality that is peaceful, miraculous, and abundant at any time. I hope that today's 8/8 Lion's Gate and this week's Full Moon are just the celestial inspiration needed to get you started.

I'm beaming out miraculous manifestation activation to you all!


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