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A Party for the End of the World

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The end of the world?! Well, not in a planetary sense, but we've completed another cycle on the Wheel of the Year. ON Monday the 21st we entered a new Zodiac calendar with Aries, whose card is The Emperor. We haven't turned the page to a new chapter, we're actually closing one book and beginning a new volume. With that in mind, I want to share a personal story through the lens of the cards. Spoiler alert, this story ends at the final card of the Major Arcana, The World, and with some major news... Insert drumroll... My newly redesigned website is live! I want to highlight that: 1) I now accept credit cards! 2) I am now offering a package of 4 1-hour readings! This is designed to support you at each season on the Wheel of the Year, but they can be used at any time. This package includes a $50 savings from regularly priced individual readings, and you will also receive preferential booking availability. This effort has been a labor of love and learning. I want to give a big thanks and a shoutout to my fantastic Wix designer, Miriam Vargas for all her help.

In honor of this redesign, I want to share my story... When I began this journey, I only knew that: A) I had a gift for working with the Tarot B) I wanted to make a living by helping others and doing what I loved In the beginning, Sea Tarot was very much in The Fool stage of evolution.

I didn't know what I didn't know. Though I had lots of experience in the business world, I had absolutely no clue and no training on how to run a small business. I had never built a website nor taken a marketing course. I was optimistic and willing to fail because I believed it was worth the adventure. At first, I over-thought every detail. I felt immobile. I had an idea for a logo, but no graphic design skills. There's no shortage of 'how-to' resources online, too many in fact. I was overwhelmed by suggestions that I, "build a brand book." What's a brand book? It turns out that all those people studying marketing in college actually had a lot to learn! After saying yes to The Fool, I found myself seated with Knight of Pentacles, at first in reverse until, at last, I began.

The Court cards of the Tarot (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) are all double-elemented. Different readers may assign these elements differently, but at Sea Tarot, the Knights are elemented by Air. They give us insight into how we, think, speak and move through a situation.

The Pentacles are ruled by Earth. They represent our root systems, our boundaries, our bodies, and our finances. We see the Knight of Pentacles (Earth/Air) is carefully cradling his pentacle. He is dedicated to his quest, which is to bring this vibrant seed into the world so it may thrive. Like anything that grows from the earth, he knows the process takes time.

In reverse, this can mean allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good. I spent a lot of time fretting about where to begin without a brand identity, color scheme, or social media presence. Until one day, I finally trusted my steed and placed an order for business cards.