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January's Wolf Moon

In the media, much noise is made around setting New Year resolutions and then, in almost the same breath, the expectation that these resolutions will be abandoned is confirmed. Russel Brand has an interesting video on the topic.

Of course the idea of “New year, new you” is an appealing trope to a consumer culture that requires “new” ways to “fix” you; however, whenever we buy into any change that is rooted in the belief that there is something wrong with us, the ego has taken charge and any chance for true spiritual growth is removed. In which case, bravo for abandoning said resolutions!

Any source of information that would label an entire year as a “garbage-fire” then ask you to digest its passage on a single “finish-line” day is clearly not a source of evolution. That these same sources immediately fire the starting gun of an entirely “new you” race, is absurd. Who else could you ever be but uniquely beautify you?

In contrast, when we set our intentions for growth and expansion on a lunar timetable, our work becomes both participatory and observational.

Each New Moon is a time to set new intentions. As the first crescent begins to shine, we can see our intentions coming to light.

At the First Quarter Moon, we check-in with ourselves. Have we honored the light within that wanted to grow from intention? What more can we offer ourselves? As the moon continues to grow, we can mirror that with a feeling of growth and fullness internally.

At the Full Moon, we’ve had time to examine our intentions and experience whatever alterations that they have brought into practice. We celebrate all that has come to pass, give thanks for what is full and complete, then release whatever else remains to be accomplished to Spirit. At the Full Moon, our resolve needs only to receive help from the Divine.

As the Last Quarter Moon appears, we continue to release and make space for the approaching new cycle. Letting go is half the work of growth and expansion.

This month's Wolf Moon ritual is all about self-kindness and observation. 11:16 AM PST today is when the moon is at its most full. Whenever the moon is at its fullest during the day, it is just another reminder that moon work means luxuriating in time.

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