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How to Receive from September's Full Harvest Moon

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

"Everything that comes to us belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.” -Rabindranath Tagore

This Moon Ritual is about receiving. As always, we work with the moon cycle. This month we also consider the annual solar cycle.

Each Moon cycle has four stages:

1) New Moon - time to plant intentions

2) 1st Quarter - time to fertilize and watch them grow

3) Full Moon - time to release control and allow them to ripen

4) 2nd Quarter - time to harvest and integrate

Obviously, we are at the Full phase of this Moon cycle. We are also at the 2nd Quarter "harvest" phase of the annual solar cycle. The Winter Solstice will be the "New Moon" "planting" phase, so it is helpful to think back on what your intentions were last December.

If you didn't perform a September New Moon ritual, or you aren't the type to actively set New Year intentions, that's no problem. We are always manifesting our reality, so whatever you have brought into focus this year so far, is what you are meant to harvest and receive from.

To help us in receiving, we call upon The Empress.

The Harvest Moon will be at its fullest on Sep 20th at 4:54 PM PST. You can harness this Full Moon energy both the night before and the night after.

The nuts and bolts of this ritual are very simple, but working with The Empress energy can bring up a lot of big feelings.

We all experience feelings of separation from the divine, and all our feelings are valid; but, the separation is not true. The Empress reminds us that we came into this world inherently worthy of care and love, just by being.