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4 hours

Tarot for Creativity

This workshop will be an opportunity to use the Tarot as a tool for creative expression. You don’t need to be an artist or have any knowledge of the cards. In fact, if you are someone who says, “I’m not creative” I want to invite you especially!


I will show you how you can draw inspiration from the Tarot, with no prior knowledge of the cards and no need to “learn the deck.”


In this space, I will help you see how the imagery of the Tarot can help you tap into the joy and healing energy of your innate creativity. Whether you are a full-time writer or artist, or if you are an analytical athlete, this workshop will inspire you to open to a new space of your spirit and imagination.


I will provide guidance and structure as well as Tarot materials and creative artistic supplies to help you bring your inner beauty into the world.

Tarot for Creativity

"Meredyth was a fantastic guide, I was looking for ways to tap into my creativity and this workshop definitely delivered" -Dawn S.

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