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Master the basics of Tarot in just over 2 hours!


When we pick up a Tarot deck for the first time, it can feel overwhelming. Memorizing 78 cards and their reversals, especially with only a tiny pamphlet and the internet, isn't the right approach for most people.


Instead of instructing you on how to memorize what someone else has written about the cards, I will give you the keys to unlock the symbols of the deck so that you can put away the guidebook and develop your own intuition.


What's Covered:


-A Brief History of Tarot

-How to Connect with your Intuition and 'Drop-In'

-The Structure of the Deck: Elements, Numbers, Majors, Minors, and Court Cards

-Questions to Deepen your Card Inquiries

-Suggestions for How to Intuitively Ask Your Deck for Guidance


Whether you're looking to read for fun, for therapeutic support, or for others, in this brief but powerful course you will come away with everything you'll need to begin your Tarot journey with confidence.


"I'm totally new to tarot, I've never had a reading. I became interested in learning tarot this year, so some friends bought me a lesson with Meredyth. I didn't know what to expect, but it ended up being very fun! Meredyth is clearly very passionate about tarot and I really appreciated her open and friendly energy. I loved her positive and accessible approach to tarot. The session was very fun and inspiring for me! I definitely recommend going to see Meredyth, especially if you're new to this!"



Learn to Read the Tarot - 101

  • This is an In-Person 1:1 course that will take aprox. 2.5 hours. Instruction to take place at my office (183 Parnassus St., San Francisco CA 94117)

    Upon Purchace I'll call you to schedule a time that works for you.

  • I want all my students to feel confident in their decision to learn with me, so if you have any questions, please reach out! Your course will never expire. We'll find a time to schedule your course that works for us both. I require 48hrs advanced notice for a one-time reschedule with no fee. Since this course will never expire, I don't offer refunds.

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