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The Chariot Awaits

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

On June 22nd we moved into Cancer season, whose card is number seven, The Chariot.

In this card, we see a handsome armored figure inside a decoratively adorned cement chariot. The perspective is square on. The city is in the background. The wheels rest on the water, the chariot sits stationary on the ground, and the scene is motionless.

The two sphinxes are imposing and seductive. In fact, everything about this card is seductive. From the magic wand held in the charioteer’s hand and the eight-pointed star on his crown, down to the lunar faces on his shoulder plates and the veil above and behind him.

This card is packed with the symbols from lessons learned in each previous card. We learned from the Magician that we’re equipped with all the tools our journey will require, and we see that magic wand again.

We’ve learned from the High Priestess, whose veil is repeated here, that our intuition and emotions come from source.

We know how to receive from The Empress, represented by the stars on the veil. We’ve stood up to stand out in The Emperor, demonstrated by the square on his breastplate.

The Hierophant has initiated us into a journey of discovery of Spirit on Earth, which is symbolized in both the lunar shoulder plates and the eight-pointed star on his crown.

Finally, the circle and peg symbol under the wings at the face is a modified version of the Hindu lingam and yoni, which represent the unification of male and female. This calls to the maturation of The Lovers card energy.

Everything in line one of the Majors has been in service to the creation of a self. When we arrive at The Chariot, we are ourselves. We have completed the 'I’ in "I am".

It is very important to recognize this stage of maturation and achievement. It is a graduation day. The persona we present to the world is pristine, successful, confident, admired, and in control. What’s not like?

Much of the discussion about The Chariot in Tarot communities is focused on how important it is to leave the physical chariot behind; however, to successfully depart, we must first take a victory lap. If we don’t honor this stage, we risk becoming stuck here.

Why? Because at this stage, the ego is fully formed and if we don’t learn to work with the ego and acknowledge it as a part, but not the sum of the self, the ego will run the show henceforth.

It’s important to point out that this card is not titled The Charioteer. In all the seductive imagery, it becomes our work to distinguish the vehicle from the driver, the self from the journey.