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Surrender to Manifest, A New Moon Ritual

“The stars are mansions built by Nature’s hand, And, haply, there the spirits of the blest Dwell, clothed in radiance, their immortal vest” - William Wordsworth

I like to offer rituals that work with the cycles of the moon to help you manifest your highest and best. I also like to work with the wisdom of the Tarot to ground these rituals.

On February 1st, we welcome February’s New Moon. Since we are currently enjoying the Aquarius season, whose card is The Star, and since we can see the stars best at the New Moon, I want to use the stars to guide this new lunation practice.

If you want to review the meaning and medicine of The Star, I covered it in this post. In short, The Star comes to help us heal after the experience of The Tower.

The Star is the first time in the Tarot we turn our attention to the cosmos. In The Star, we understand that the only cosmic voice of truth is the voice of love. The voices of separation are illusions.

For this Moon cycle, instead of focusing on what you want to manifest, I am suggesting you bring your attention to what form of healing you would most like to receive. The difference between actively manifesting your desires and surrendering to the divine is subtle.

Since 2022 is a year of The Lovers, let’s say your vision is to manifest your soulmate this year. Remember also, The Lovers card is never about another person, it is always about greater self-love.

If you were using active manifestation techniques, you would state and then visualize exactly what you wanted in a soulmate and how your life would look and feel with that person. Instead, I want to invite you to supplicate and surrender for this exercise. Whatever work you have done or will do to support your vision is great, but this is a time to relax in humility.

Again, the voice that The Star is here to share is the voice of love, which is the only source of truth. What stands between us and the experience of total love, is the voice of separation. Let’s ask in this New Moon what healing we can receive to dissolve those stories of separation.


This is a simple ritual designed to help you effortlessly receive, so you don’t need any tools, though you may want:

  • A blanket to lay on and warm clothes to stay comfortable

  • A hot beverage

  • A sky map like SkyView

Since we will be wishing upon a star for this exercise, you’ll want to be outdoors. When we