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September's Corn Moon Ritual

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

If you are anything like me, you have a tough time sleeping when the Moon is full. If so, that is good news, because this Corn Moon is absolutely a time for celebration! On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we will be treated to the Corn Moon. Most often the full moon of September is called the Harvest Moon, but because the 2020 Autumn Equinox is later in the month, this September we celebrate the Corn Moon.  If you read through my reading for the collective that follows, you will see that our spiritual work for September is very much an inside job, so it is important that we kick off the month by celebrating all that we have achieved this summer. Too easily we forget to celebrate our wins, big and small, and only focus on what is in the still-to-do column. Tallying our wins, bringing them to light in the dark and celebrating the full moon is the antidote. Here is a moon ritual for abundance: 1) Clean up your space. As you look around at all your belongings, give them a little dusting and a little love. Feel the gratitude for all that you have, and imagine that all your belongings are grateful for your care. 2) If you can, place your silver and any of your stones that you want to charge in the light of the moon. 3) Light you candles, yellow, white, purple and green. Say a thanks for all the love, health money, success and creativity that you behold. 4) Get ready to make some popcorn! That's right, and no instant microwave bags! Take your stove-top pot, a tablespoon of peanut oil and raw corn kernels. Before you heat the oil, use your hands to slowly drop the kernels into a separate bowl. With each kernel,  name something that you are grateful for, or something that you are proud of, or something that  you have achieved. As you fill the bowl with corn kernels, recognize each seed as an idea that started in the past and has made it's way to you now. 5) Heat your oil on Medium with 3 kernels and cover. As you hear each one of those three pops, imagine it is the countdown to greater abundance. When all three have popped, pour your achievements and gratitude into you pot and cover. As you listen to your popcorn popping, imagine an explosive expansion in all of your current wins. For as long as it takes for your pot to pop, dream as big and as good as you can make it. When the pops slow down, remove from the heat, let it rest, and then return to your bowl, full, like tiny clouds. 6) Take your bowl outside and enjoy under the full moon. As you let the seeds of your current achievements nourish your future wins to be had, know that you are blessed.

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