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October is the Hero's Harvest

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A Reading for the Collective

The month of October begins in Libra season, which is the card of Justice. We then move into Scorpio, with the Death card, which makes sense as we move into winter. In this month’s spread, I received the message, "The Hero's Harvest." Initially this sounded too grandiose to me, but it actually it makes sense.

Under the card of Justice, and in this moment of political, social and environmental injustices, it can seem like our society is on trial by villains, but that is where heroes and heroines are foraged. In any hero's journey, there is the profound moment of truth when the veil is lifted and the ego must confront itself. A hero is born. 

I wrote more on the card of Justice regarding the Equinox, but I could not have put it better than Cornell West, who said, "Justice is what love looks like in public." In Justice we must both see the truth and act to align ourselves with it. The figure in the card holds the scales in an equilibrium and her sword points vertically to the highest truth. Justice is both still, and prepared to act.

The cards that support us in our embodiment of Justice are the Ace of Swords, the Six of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords.

Aces indoctrinate us into to their energy, and swords are ruled by the intellect. Pointing straight up for truthful perception, the sword pierces the crown of the material world. In the suit of swords, our work is to confront the suffering that stems from illusion. Illusion of material attachment, emotional deception, and spiritual disconnection. The blade is divided into two sides. While our ego will only rest if it is finding "right" and "wrong", we can better occupy the liminal space by focusing vertically to the highest truth - love. The hand that emerges from the clouds connects us back to the divine.