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November’s Lunar Eclipse

I know we still have a month before the first day of winter, but I’ve really been feeling an energetic shift since we turned the clocks back.

Fall is all about releasing, and the start of the season has an outward-focused quality. There is something energizing about putting up decorations that mirror the colorful leaves and adding blankets to the bed. The transition is still new.

Now that the sunrises before 7 and the sunsets before 5, Autumn’s energy is asking us to turn inward. We are still being called to let go and release, but with the dark taking center stage, we get to slow down and reflect in the quiet.

Today’s post is all about tonight’s near-total Lunar Eclipse. Lasting almost 6 hours, this will be the longest lunar eclipse in centuries!

During an eclipse, an entire lunar cycle takes place in just a few hours. As you know, working with the phases of the Moon can support your manifestation efforts. Eclipses give us a chance to turbo-charge our growth and transformation.

The 8 of Cups will help us work with this eclipse energy. While you’re reading, please enjoy my 8 of Cups playlist!

Tonight we get to watch the longest eclipse in centuries. A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon. This eclipse’s duration is longer because the moon is near apogee, or at its furthest distance from the Earth.

It will take about six hours from the moment the moon first enters Earth’s shadow until it leaves. At 12:15 AM PT, half of the moon will be in shadow and the peak will take place at 1:02 AM PT, with 97 percent coverage. A tiny sliver of the moon will glow while the rest of the Moon takes on a reddish-brown color.

There’s no shortage of fear around lunar eclipses, and eclipses in general. Many astrologers say that eclipse season, which is almost a month long, is not a good time to start anything new, and that caution should rule. I disagree.

Eclipses are not negative. Because I know that Spirit is always an advocate for our highest and best, there’s no reason that an entire eclipse season would regularly show up just to put us into contraction.

Eclipses do amplify energy.

We get to experience the entire lunar cycle in one night. So it’s no wonder that in a rapid transition you may experience expansion and contraction with more awareness. These are is showing up to help our transition. Remember we are in Scorpio season, a time of death and reemergence.