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Harvest Moon Ritual

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Today, October 1st at 7:14pm PST the Harvest Moon will rise just after the sun sets. Simply watching the sunset and moon rise, large against the horizon, is magic alone. In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate the final harvest before winter. We prepare for the long nights ahead and store what we will need to sustain us through the cold. As we enter the waning light in our birth/death/rebirth cycle, we are aware that not everything that we have planted is meant to come with us. This evening is a time for reflection on what goals did we plant in this cycle, what is left to pluck from that field, and will be left behind to fertilize the soul soil.

1) Take a few moments to reflect on the cycle of growth you are now in. In some ways, this year both stopped and started around the spring equinox in March.

No one has been able to track time in the traditional fashion, and our personal developments have been put center-stage as a result. How have you grown?

There was an innocence that existed before the pandemic that now, looking back, seems like willful naivete.

The work we have done as a collective demonstrates that we knew our problems but were unwilling to name them. Now that they are exposed, we must look even deeper at our true innocence and name our real purpose - love.

2) Find a simple object that you can offer to your true loving highest self. It can be from your past or you can baptize it tonight. 3) Meditate on the sweetness of your true self and offer your object to the full moon. Bathe your object and yourself with the light of the sun, reflected against the moon and see that the object you hold is similarly a reflection of the light in you. 4) Before the Sun rises, take your object into your space and capture it in a scarf or a box. It will be there for you like a mirror. The light you bring to the world is a gift. Call upon it whenever you need to in this coming season of winter.


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