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Harness The Devotion of Vigo

Updated: May 19, 2023

Anchor this Virgo New Moon manifestation with the Wisdom of The Hermit and the devotion of the Page of Pentacles

On Monday the 22nd we moved from Leo to Virgo, and so today I’m offering a manifestation ritual for the Virgo New Moon that will begin at 1:17 am on Saturday morning. It’s best to wait until the New Moon phase has begun and this ritual can be conducted any time under the New and Crescent Moon phases.

Our card for Virgo season is The Hermit, and for our New Moon, we’ll be calling upon the Page of Pentacles as our anchor.

Before I dive into the manifestation, please allow me a little scholarly side-trip into why I think these two cards are such great allies.

There are a lot of fine folks who read Tarot that also find the predictive and prescriptive elements of astrology helpful, but that is not my practice. I do however think it is useful to understand some of the Zodiac/Tarot overlap basics, even if it’s only so I can depart from “the rules.”

Each Zodiac sign is represented by a Major Arcana card.

The Smith Rider Waite deck was created by A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, who were members of the occult secret society, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Golden Dawn taught that the tarot corresponded with the Zodiac, and so when they created their deck, they ‘officiated’ the order of the cards to align with signs. This is how we ‘know’ a specific card represents a certain sign.

When we look at the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards, their connection to specific Zodiac signs becomes more subjective.

From Ace to 10, each suit teaches us about one element, but when we level up from the 10s to the Court Cards, we combine two elements.

There are different schools of belief regarding which elements align with which cards. Queens are always Water, but the Golden Dawn states that Knights are Fire and Kings are Air. You may have your own knowledge regarding the Courts and their double-elimination, but here at Sea Tarot it goes:





The suit leads and the Court follows. So for example, the Page (Earth) of Wands (Fire) = Fire + Earth. The Knight (Air) of Pentacles (Earth) = Earth + Air.

Astrology attributes to each Zodiac sign the quality of either cardinal (the initiators), fixed (the strengtheners), or mutable (the transitioners).

The Golden Dawn school applies these qualities to the Courts and states that Queens are cardinal, Knights are fixed and Kings are Mutable. But that leaves our sweet Pages. Their logic is that the Pages aren’t mature enough. I disagree.

I think that The Pages are far better than the Kings at transitions because they are newly-minted masters of their suits. They bring youthful energy and a beginner’s mind to their purposes.

The Hermit reflects the wisdom of age and experience, but like the Page, he seeks a perspective of divine objectivity.

The Hermit

Numbered 9 in the Major Arcana, The Hermit appears in the archetype of an elder. He looks like a wizard, and indeed, the staff he carries is a magic wand. He carries a lantern with a six-pointed star that lights the path before him just enough to see his next step.

He has journeyed away from the village and stands alone atop a snowy peak. He’s not an antisocial loner, as his moniker might suggest. He seeks solitude so he may initiate an individual experience with Spirit.

Above all else, he is devotional to the questions, “What would you have me know? What would you have me do?”

The Hermit and Virgo are both gentle invitations to slow down and go inward, and the Page of Pentacles can show us how.

The Page of Pentacles

In the Page of Pentacles, we see a youth standing alone in a lush field on a warm summer day. He cradles his pentacle with wonder and awe. He’s not trying to grip or control his sphere. Instead, he allows it to lead and direct him.

In the Ace of Pentacles, we are introduced to the suit’s earth energy with a seed. By the time we’ve reached the 10 of Pentacles, we’ve learned how to cultivate and even harvest multi-generational energy and wisdom. When we graduate up to the Page, we begin a new phase of growth in which we must discover how to bring that grounding and wisdom into the world.

In the Ace, the seed is offered from the hands of the divine, but when we step up to the Page, we get to hold that divine offering in our own two hands.

In September, we are moving away from the ripening of summer and into the harvesting of fall.

New Moons are always the best time for seeding new intentions, and Full Moons are always prime time for harvesting, but September’s Full Moon is literally the Harvest Moon, so this is an especially potent lunation for manifestation work.

A Manifestation Ritual for Virgo’s New Moon

The Page of Pentacles is Earth on Earth energy, which gives it extra manifestation abilities. When we begin our journey with the Pentacle’s Court Cards, we initiate a quest to bring our unique gifts into the material world.

The Page of Pentacles begins this quest by asking the same questions as The Hermit, “What would you have me know?”

To Begin

All that you need for this simple ritual is some paper and a pencil. You can also borrow from The Hermit and bring a candle to help light your path.

Given that we’ll be calling on deep earth energy, you’ll want to make it outside for this one.

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed, ideally under a tree.

Seat yourself on the ground and get comfortable. Feel free to lean your back into the tree’s trunk.

At the top of your paper write the question, “What would you have me know?” Place a rock over your page and close your eyes.

Begin your meditation with a few deep breaths. Bring your awareness to the connection between your body and the earth. Feel the support of gravity as it gently holds us all in place.

Allow yourself to gently focus on an anchor like the breath.

When we drop into a state of meditation we are inviting the wonder of the Page of Pentacles and the devotion of The Hermit.

The Hermit knows that, with only the light of his lantern, there is no value in trying to see into the future. When the mind naturally skips into the past or the present, know that you can call upon the wisdom of The Hermit to bring you back to center.

If you don’t have a meditation practice, it can help to set a timer, but if you can, try and just sit in silence and feel your connection to your own earth center. This is the space of divine objectivity and peace.

When you’re ready, relax your focus on the breath, but keep your eyes closed. Silently ask the question, “What would you have me know?”

Allow yourself to reflect on the last six months. What seeds were you offered in the spring? How have you nurtured them? What growth have you experienced?

From this place of objectivity, what do you feel the most devotional about? What would you most like to bring into your reality in the next two weeks? In the next six months?

Go ahead and open your eyes. Take your paper and pencil and write down how it feels to experience devotion. When we allow ourselves to be led by Spirit, our purest desires come into focus.

Manifestation work is sometimes presented as if it were a shortcut to accessing some cosmic grab-bag of stuff. If we approach our manifestations like this, we’re going to be disappointed, even if the yacht materializes.

Instead of conceiving of this Moon Manifestation (or any manifestation) as a way to bring something you lack into being, asking the question, “What would you have me know?” allows us to see what we can do to bring forward what is already present for our highest and best.

Both The Hermit and the Page of Pentacles demonstrate that we aren’t meant to cultivate and harvest from any sense of lack. They show that what you feel the greatest devotion towards is also what you are meant to produce in this world.

When you feel complete with your journaling, draw a circle on a blank page. Inside that circle, state your authentic spirit-lead desire in the present tense. For example, “I am fueled by my devotion to learning and communicating.”

Visualize yourself in two weeks under the Harvest Moon feeling the abundance of this devotion. Add to your circle a statement that encapsulates that feeling. For example, “I feel so proud that I have achieved new mastery in my work life.”

Then, take that devotional visualization forward into next March. Again, add to your circle a statement that reflects how it feels to have cherished this intention for six months. For example, “Basking in the sun on the beach feels so easy because I know my devotion to growing my savings has enabled this restorative vacation.”

Finally, take that circle of devotional intentions and wad it into a seed-like ball. Dig a small hole and plant it inside, just as lovingly as you would a tiny seed.

Thank yourself and Spirit for all that the earth has provided and all that is yet to be.

I cherish the opportunity to bring this devotional work into the world and I am so grateful to you! Have a great weekend and a great Labor Day too!




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