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December is the Draft

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

When I pull a reading for the collective, I sometimes get a very clear, but confusing message from Spirit. This was one such month. I heard very clearly that December is "The Draft" and yet, I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. It's an everyday word that I associate with both a draft of air, and a military or sports draft.

When I looked up the word I found all the following definitions and it made perfect sense.

Draft: 1.The act of drawing or pulling in a net

2. The act of drinking or inhaling, also the portion drunk or inhaled in one such act

3. The force required to pull a plow

4. A preliminary sketch

5. The act, result, or plan of lengthening or stretching something

6. The act of causing a liquid to come out of a container or source

7. The depth of water a ship draws, especially when loaded

8. A system for or act of selecting individuals

9. An order for the payment of money drawn

10. A current of air in a closed-in space

This makes sense in December because we are working with the card of Temperance and in the season of Sagittarius. The word ‘temperance’ comes from the Latin ‘temperare’ which means ‘to mix’ or ‘to combine in due proportion’.

Temperance is the medicine that teaches us how to portion out the force for a plow to split the soil for seeds. Temperance helps us act by pulling in our metaphorical nets and as we do so, we become load-balanced ships. Temperance both inspires and grounds us with the knowledge that a sketch is not a skyscraper, but the creation of a tower can't take place without the creativity of the architects' draft.

When we feel like we are trapped in an impossible closed space, Temperance is that current of air to remind us that change is invisibly working around us at all times.

We have been drafted for specific soul work in this lifetime. Temperance is the movement that allows us to stay in alignment with that soul work.

We see in Temperance an angel who is standing both on the land and in the wa