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4 hours

EnVision 2024

Create your 2024 Vision Board on January 7th, in advance of the first New Moon of 2024!

Super-charge your 2024 manifestations by building your Vision Board alongside other amazing, fun, and inspiring souls.

At this half-day workshop, you will create a Vision Board and learn how to use it so that your manifestation efforts will actually work!

You'll leave this workshop feeling empowered, and inspired, with a beautiful Vinson Board for the year ahead.

What's Included:


  • Tea, mimosas, tasty snacks
  • All the supplies you'll need to build your board. You are of course welcome to bring your own creative tools too!
  • A guided meditation that will put you in touch with your highest self
  • Instruction on how to make and use your vision board
  • You'll be able to name your word of the year
  • You'll meet other women who can support your manifestation dreams come true
  • A New Moon ritual to begin manifesting with that weekmanifestation
  • A guide to Moon Manifesting you can use year-round

EnVision 2024

"I Loved Meredyth's EnVision event! It was such a great way to start 2023 off on a positive and intentional way, with creativity mixed in to boot." -Tyler A

"I am so grateful that I attended EnVision 23. I’ve been working with my Vision Board all year. The Moon manifestation instructions helped me revisit my intentions, and many of my images have come to life! I'm excited to come back for 2024" -Jen R

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