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The High Priestess, Intuition and a New Supermoon Ritual

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

We are leading up to Samhain, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos and, I recently learned (from John Oliver), what cable news dubs the “Spooky Season”.

Whatever your cultural name for this time of year is, there is magic in it. In October, the veil between the material world we move in and the spirit world that we come from and will return to, is especially thin. As we collectively enter the darker months, Spirit is right on deck, excited to help guide the way.

A supermoon is when the Full or New moon is at its closest approach to Earth, its perigee. We will see higher and lower tides in the days to follow. As we ourselves are made of water, we are sensitive to these pulls.

While full moons are chances to review, revel, and celebrate what has come to pass, new moons are a chance to plant new seeds of intention. Since we just celebrated the harvest moon, we know that whatever we begin to sow now will have full seasons to gestate and grow. There is a serenity that accompanies these coming winter months.

Tonight, as we honor this new super moon in libra, we call upon the High Priestess who can aid us in tuning into our intuition "radio station."

More often than not our "goal setting" and "intention" work can be informed and directed by external influencers. It is absolutely fine to use the new moon as a chance to put a name to the things that we want to bring forth in our lives, but it is more important that we check in with Spirit first to ask if what we desire is actually in our highest and best. Perhaps we are not even sure what to ask for - even better!

The High Priestess symbolizes inner wisdom at its deepest level. She is shrouded in cloaks, holds ancient mystic wisdom, and is surrounded by water. For this ritual, I encourage you to grab a blanket and a bowl of water and head outside.

When you are ready, find a space under the sky and get comfortable in the moonless night. Place the water before you.

That we cannot see the Moon, doesn't mean it is gone. That there is no moonlight, doesn't mean there is no light. As you adjust to the quiet and the darkness, notice the serenity in stillness.

As you bring your attention to the center of your body, state either in your head or aloud:

"Divine/Spirit, I am resonant with a desire to connect with you and with what is in my highest and best. I desire to open my channel for receiving your wisdom. What is in my highest and best to know? Thank you. I am listening." And then, listen.

I know that the word meditation can be loaded and off-putting for many of us, which is fine. The brain will want to come along with us, and so we can call upon the High Priestess to do the heavy lifting while we simply sit at our own feet and listen for the wisdom that comes through.

Our intuition and our channel to Spirit is always available, but our brain may invite us into judgments like, "I am not hearing anything" and "I don't know how to listen." This is also an exercise in letting go of any idea that Spirit communicates in loud long treatises. If our brains come to us in judgment, we can simply decline those invitations and ask The High Priestess for guidance and protection and then, relax.

When you are complete with your listening, take your bowl of water and have a drink from it, then pour the rest onto the ground. This is an energetic reminder of your connection to the moon, to Spirit, to your intuition, and your deep self wisdom.

Before you go to sleep, invite Spirit to communicate further with you in your dreams, and continue your deep listening by writing down what comes to you.

Remember, this New Moon is really the first in a new cycle that will accompany us all throughout winter and into spring. There is plenty of time for deep and patient listening; and when we do, Spirit will always and only communicate what is in our highest and best.

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