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Who Do I Serve Best?

The Tarot is a tool for anyone who desires it. You may feel called to work with me specifically if you:


  • Are curious but not credulous. You will appreciate my grounded approach to demystifying the esoteric.

  • Are ready to receive. The divine wants your highest and best, all you need is to receive.

  • Feel you are an intuitive yourself and you are looking to learn how to co-create with the divine. I can offer practices and a framework to manifest your dreams. 

  • Are in a crisis and you’re ready to receive the lesson, the gift, within the contraction. It can be difficult to see the miracle through big emotions and brain noise. A reading can help clear away the static and make room for the miracles. 

  • Are planning a celebration! When we want to connect with the Divine, sometimes we drink purified water, and sometimes we drink sanctified wine. Your guests will remember your next special birthday, shower, fundraiser, holiday, or party when they get to receive a divianotory ‘wine’ reading.

How It Works

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Sessions take place either in person or remotely, there is no difference in the level of insights that you will receive.

Because the nature of this work is energetic, my rates are based on the amount of time we spend together. If you've never had a session with me before, I recommend booking ‘The Main Course’ for 1 hour.

I don’t charge by the minute and I don’t want anyone to feel the pressure of a therapist’s 50-minute hour. I always provide time flexibility within our sessions. Within a session, if we finish early or if you want to extend it for additional support, that is fine. My aim is to support your needs within your budget.

I accept cash, credit, Venmo and CashApp

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A Taste

This is an opportunity to focus on one specific question.


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30 min - $45

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A Flavor

45 minutes is enough time to explore one question.

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45 min - $80

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The Main Course

If you have never had a reading before, this is a great way to begin.

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1 hr - $100

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New Beginnings

What is the heart of the matter, and what are the lessons from our guides?

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1 hr 30 min - $150

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3 Course Meal

Limitless inquiry for life's expanse.

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2 hrs - $200

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Wheel of the Year

This is a package of 4 one-hour readings.

4 hrs - $350

(4 one-hour readings)


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Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Corporate Gatherings, Birthdays, Weddings, and Festivities


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1 hr - $200 (2 hr min)

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September 10th Workshop:

Creativity Through Tarot

This Workshop will

help unleash your creativity

through the artistry of the Tarot

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2 hrs - $30

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What To Expect During Your Reading

We will start with a guided meditation and then drop into a place of deep listening to Spirit. I will then draw your cards and share the story and symbolism of each card and what the medicine of the spread is bringing for you.


My #1 priority is that you feel supported and safe. My readings are completely confidential. You do not need to tell me your question or situation before our reading.

My approach is consultative and therapeutic. The guidance I receive is for you and in support of your present state. My work is neither predictive nor prescriptive.

Please keep in mind that our sessions are intended to be supportive and fun, they are not a replacement for professional legal, medical, or psychological expertise.