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Hello and welcome to Sea Tarot. My name is Meredyth. I am truly grateful to introduce myself and the practice of Sea Tarot.


I am a naturally gifted empath. My gifts of intuition allow me to communicate with my spirit guides. Tarot is my primary tool for divination.  I am also a sailor, a scuba diver, an artist, a comic, a singer, and a dog mom. The world offers so many adventures, and that is how I approach the Tarot. I serve my clients without judgment and in support of whatever is in their highest and best.


I am both a gifted Tarot practitioner and a scholar of the Tarot. I have been a Tarot practitioner for ten years and a professional for four. As my commitment to this practice has deepened, I have invested in my ongoing education with excellent teachers, courses, and workshops. And of course, I have learned from each of my clients.


If you are new to Tarot but curious, I can assure you that it is not to be feared. It is not at all prescriptive. It is neither a parlor game nor a fortune-telling crystal ball. It will never harm you. There are no "bad cards" nor are there any "good cards." There are only images of everything that happens in life from the first breath to the next pilgrimage. It is, like life, a choose your own adventure.


There are so many tools to support us in our human endeavors, Tarot is one. All that is asked is a grounded presence and an openness for guidance. Thank goodliness we don't have to make the sun rise or the ocean waves crash upon the sand. Thank goodliness we don't have to make the peace, but only to be an instrument of the peace. Tarot is in service of the peace that abounds.


I have named my practice Sea Tarot because I am a Queen of Cups. My name Meredyth was bestowed upon me from my Welsh heritage and means Edith of the Sea. Like the Sea, there is space for all things and sea changes at all times. That is my approach to the Tarot, my clients' needs, and my own life.





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