"What a remarkable experience it was today, to have you do a Tarot Card reading for me. Because you started out by offering me choices of different Tarot decks available to me, immediately showed your spectrum of professionalism. 


Questions as of knowledge and comfort level on my part further laid a good foundation, and your light breathwork and grounding had me put my pen away (I was ready to take notes.... ) which lead me to be deeply present.


Your reading and communication during the whole session was clear and forthcoming, and you left room for me when I had questions, which made it easier to understand. The way you are capable of being lighthearted, yet deeply sincere and involved, rounded up with diverse knowledge, clearly shows your gift of the Tarot. Thank you, and thank you again.... I now have a few more guideposts to navigate life!"


- Janetta P, CA

"Working remotely via Zoom with Meredyth of Sea Tarot has been a benefit to both me and my family life. The insights that she provides, the knowledge that she brings and the care that she shows to each one of our sessions is truly a gift. She operates with an open heart and never comes from a fear-based modality, but looks for the highest and best. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking greater insights, has curiosity into the yet unknown, and a desire for greater connectivity to the universal collective."

- Arthur L. MA

"Meredyth was a pleasure to work with during our Halloween event at The Battery. She communicated clearly with timely responses. She arrived in theme and worked well with our entire team onsite. She is professional, fun, and flexible making time for more appointments than originally scheduled. We would be delighted to have Meredyth read at The Battery again!"


- Colleen C, Production Manager, Member Events - The Battery

"I'm so happy I found Meredyth. She is the best tarot reader I've seen. It is clear that she is very knowledgeable and intuitive and truly cares about her clients. She also makes the readings fun and explains what's coming up in a way that is very easy for me to remember.


She puts 110% into her readings and her clients, with so many unique touches that I adore. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

- Bridget H, CA

Meredyth of Sea Tarot is an intelligent intuitive who provides clear communication and insight with her multifaceted and interactive readings.


Her myriad tarot deck options made for a fun session and provided a new context from which to frame my emerging situation and challenges ahead.


I highly recommend Sea Tarot and Meredyth for your own personal reading or for a fun group gathering at your next party or women's night event!

-Denise T. CA


Meredyth is not only a knowledgeable Tarot reader but highly intuitive. She puts her heart and soul into every reading. It's evident that for her Tarot is not just a skill but more of a passion and a calling. If you are seeking insight, clarity, compassion (and fun!) Sea Tarot won't disappoint.

- Maureen W, PA

This is such a great thing to do! I had a great experience with my cards and all the abundant clarifying that came from Meredyth, her tarot reading is a snapshot in time. While the future is dynamic and always in flux, she clarifies what will happen that got you to your present state and what will likely happen should you choose to do nothing from here on out. In some cases, it can also tell you how you should proceed.

It is definitely a great visit, and I will be back!!

-Amanda H, CA