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"You Cannot touch water in the same place twice"

"Meaning is not something we find,
it is something we give"

Tarot is a tool that has been used for centuries to support our understanding of the true nature of life. We like to think in linear terms, beginning, middle, and end; but, the true nature of growth is a spiral. 


Because we live in a free-will universe, your future is not a fixed mark. When questions arise about the future, they almost inevitably stem from a place of fear. Fear that the universe will somehow drop you. That is the nature of the thinking mind.


But the truth is that we are all supported by and connected to a oneness that cannot be diminished, that cannot be extinguished, and whose nature is love.

A Tarot reading can help interpret your present moment through the lense of Divine, who are only available to support what is in your highest and best being.


Our guides - mine and yours, want to support and attune us to our inner wisdom. By asking with an open heart, Tarot can help us divinate the roots of any circumstance and suggest guidance to a loving path forward. That is what Sea Tarot offers to any and all.





San Francisco, CA

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